Autumn lusts…..

My favourite time of the year is Right now. I love Autumn, cosy knits, snuggly scarfs and chunky coats. I am one of those people that are constantly cold so this season is perfect to layer up. That being said here are my latest lust items….

Zara faux fur giletimage     image Zara quilted coatimage image

I warned you right…..I like cosy! I love winter coats, boots and coats are definitely my weakness when it comes to winter. Although I struggle with finding them being petite. I’m 5’2″ and a lot of coats swamp me, however Zara, although they don’t stock a petite range never fail me!
I have toyed with the quilted jacket for about 3 years, every year they come back out they always catch my eye but I stay away through fear of looking like the Michelin man. I tried one on the other day while shopping with my friend and was surprised at how flattering it actually was, I didn’t realise but it’s actually tapered at the waist so is super flattering! Definite plus for a chunky coat!

The faux fur collar is something else I have really been lusting over since seeing Hannah Maggs wear one last year with her coat, it gives the coat a complete other look to the one you purchased, and I think they look AMAZE on black leather jackets.

Anyway, that’s enough waffling for one night, I could go on all night when it comes to what I want haha!



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