Round 2…..

Well I failed……and miserably so at that! I look at other blogs and they all look so pretty and user friendly, this is hard work to manoeuvre haha! I desperately want to start a blog, mainly just as a hobby and something to prevent procrastinating so much on an evening. I love makeup and fashion, and spend hours looking on the internet at the things I want to buy next so maybe if anything I can use this space to add my shopping list and maybe someone will enjoy looking. I am the nosiest of the nosy and LOVE to see what people are buying, so let’s start there…….once I figure out how to add pictures (monkey covers eyes emoji)


So I figured it out after looking on google for help haha! I recently took advantage of Estee Lauder’s amazing freebies! I bought my trust double wear foundation and the newish highlighting concealer and managed to bag myself a whopping 8 freebies! How amazing is that?! One of which was the eye cream which I have wanted to try out for a long time but could never justify the 60 odd £ price tag!

I will forever return to Double Wear, I have oily blemish prone skin and this is the only foundation that really cuts it for me! I need very little touch ups during the day if I powder on a morning, it doesn’t oxidise and stays put all day! My only gripe with it is I cannot build with it, once it’s on it does not like to be messed with. If I try add anything other than powder over the top e.g concealer it sort of flakes and goes very patchy….not a good look!


If anyone happens to see this post please comment with ANY ideas for future posts 🙂




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