Tuesdays are for….Temptation

Well I’m taking this as a success….2 days in a row, I can wear a bloggers crown, right?!

I work a 9-5 job in a busy office and with all the best intentions of the Cinema tonight I succumbed to…..Heaven!


There is nothing better than on a gloomy winters evening than a steamy hot bath, made even better with my favourite candle, chocolate and wine 🙂

The candle is the Yankee Candle in black cherry, it smells amazing and does a good job at fragrancing my living room. Some candles smell amazing on first whiff, get them home,light them and nothing! Not a smidge of that lovely scent you thought would encase your room.

The chocolate is my ever faithful Terry’s Chocolate Orange, this one however is a christmas edition with added toffee crunch….delish! (By the time I had taken my pictures it was spreadable haha)

I made a trip to the Trafford Centre recently and couldn’t resist some of the new Christmas Lush items! I had a bit of the bubble bar; candy mountain in tonight’s bath. If you like sweet girly smelling products you will definitely enjoy this one… Like snow fairy but bubble bar form. I snap a bit off and crumble it in my hand under the running water and Voila!

I am very excited to try the 2 bath bombs, I’ve never seen these ones before so maybe they are new for this years christmas. The colours are amazing so can’t wait to see those fizzing around my bath 🙂




Hope you enjoyed tonight’s post, if there is anything in particular you would like me to share please let me know 🙂 x


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