My bedroom…..




I thought I would share a quick snippet of my apartment before I go enjoy the fireworks tonight.


I moved into into my apartment 3 weeks ago and things are just about finished now, the bedroom is one of my favourite rooms alongside the living room.  I love faux fur, I think it makes things really cosy and welcoming so I have plenty on my bed….who doesn’t want to be welcomed to bed every night 🙂

Every girl needs a dressing table, mine is the YouTube/blogger famous Hemnes from Ikea along with the chair. I added some dried flowers around the mirror and took some fancy wallpaper from B&Q and inserted that under the glass to make it look a bit different.

My bedroom is split over 2 levels, so the top half is MY area, with my wardrobe, drawers and dressing table. My boyfriends stuff has been sent to the spare room haha, although he does sit at my dressing table in a morning to straighten his hair….:-p

The bedding is a mixture of John Lewis and next. It’s super super soft and fleecy and perfect for the cooler night, the faux fur throw is the softest thing you will ever feel.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂



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