image image image image image imageSo, Sunday morning I had plenty of time to get dressed and take some pictures for an OOTD and an everyday makeup post…..took loads of pictures….left the house and dropped my phone smashing the screen! #fail I blog on my I Pad so at first thought atleast I won’t have lost the pictures, forgetting that the internet hasn’t been installed in our new house yet so they hadn’t synced! Grrrrrr.

Anyway, this morning when I was getting dressed for work I decided to take a few pictures of what I wear on a daily basis….I got a new kitten yesterday and she is making it impossible to use my iPad, I think she thinks it’s a game when I’m moving my fingers to type haha!

Here goes the outfit breakdown….

My jeans are the petite Leigh jeans, these are a very pale blue colour and very versatile, however somehow they show up any marks worse than white jeans! My black shirt is a plain loose shirt from zara with a slight collar. Shirts and Jeans is definitely my go to outfit, it’s so effortless to wear and always looks fairly pulled together, my bag is a Topshop sale find a few christmas’ ago, I really like the faux fur trim down the middle 🙂
My boots are from River Island, these are quite recent and were a bargain at £40! They are suede effect at the front and then faux leather at the back. The front has a wedge too which makes them soooo comfy to wear. My leather jacket is also fairly new from river Island, apologies you can’t see it very well in the photo 😦 My beige scarf is from zara, I think this was around £15; it’s definitely still on the website. This is sooooo big and chunky, could defo act as a blanket too haha! Perfect for cold days though.

Finally my accessories are a double coin necklace from Topshop and my favourite Michael Kors watch 🙂

Hopefully I can get my phone fixed soon and get the other posts up I had ready!




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