My Living Room….

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I thought seen as though I has shown my bedroom previously and I mentioned my second favourite room was my living room I would show you why…

My Living room acts as a living/dining room. The room is L shaped so acts well at segregating the two areas. My furniture is the San Quentin range from Barker and Stonehouse! I love rustic looking furniture and this fits the bill perfectly, it’s finished wood in as far as it’s treated but it’s also very individual. Every piece made is different with it’s markings and colour, I like that the surface areas aren’t even and that you can see the markings on the wood.

My colour theme is very natural, ours walls are a soft oatmeal colour which adds a warmth and depth to the room, and the colour theme is variations of browns and creams with the odd hint of red on the sideboard. I love Buddhas and when I saw the head in Homesense it had to be mine, it fits perfectly and sets the sideboard off, it definitely gets comments when people come visit. As mentioned in my previous post I love candles, as you can see my sideboard is littered in them, I light them as soon as I get home and think it makes the too. Look super cosy when lit on a dark evening 🙂

I did also mention previously I got a new Kitten. We eventually decided in a name so though I would share a few snaps of Daisy! She’s been very well behaved so far and settled in perfectly with us, she’s a little purrrrrer so hopefully that means she’s happy with us too 🙂

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