Yankee Candle Review


My favourite brand of candles is by far Yankee Candle. The main reason being there huge array of scents. My all time favourite any season scent is Black Cherry, it smells amazing, sweet without being sickly.

However, with Christmas looming I was on the look out for christmas gift ideas and came across this votive christmas edition pack! I would love this as a present so stocked up for friends gifts. In my opinion they were a bargain at £8 from House of Fraser. They are the perfect size to give you a taster of the scents to see if you would want to splurge on the bigger glasses which are £20. I also think these minis are perfect for Christmas, you don’t want to be burning Christmas Eve in April do you….so with them being minis I think they have about 5 hours burning time so you will get round to using them all in the festive period.

My favourite of the pack is candy cane lane! Smells exactly how you would expect of a candy cane scent! I’m itching to use these already but I’m trying to hold out until December haha! Although the larger one is not christmas scented I though I would show you as I think they are perfect christmas presents 🙂 The tarts are also christmas scents, ‘winter wonderland’ & ‘cherries on snow’ these seem to last me hours and hours, I don’t know what there official burn time is but I burn these constantly and they hardly seem to evaporate! These are therefore amazing value for money at under £2!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂




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