Mac Lippies…..

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A few years ago I got into the habit of collecting mac lipsticks, among other things, nail varnish, eye shadows (The pan form to fill my empty palettes) I don’t know where the obsession started, probably YouTube haha! At one point I had 30 of them, asif I would ever wear all those. So, about a year ago I decided to sort through them and get rid of the ones I knew I wouldn’t wear.

I’m not particularly brave with bright colours and I would see people with dark purple and think it looked amazing, so I’d buy it and would stand pretty on my dressing table completely untouched because it just wasn’t in my comfort zone to wear it. So, I back to mac’d all the ones I didn’t want and exchanged them for colours I knew I would wear every day.

My favourite..texture…is that the right word haha? I’m going with it anyway, is by far ‘cremesheen’. I like the colour pigment, the staying power and mostly the finish on my lips. To me, it’s quite balmy, moisturising. The other end of this is the ‘matte’ finish which I really don’t like so all those got back to mac’d haha! They are way too drying for me, they make my lips feel scaly and sink into all the fine lines, I suppose if your looking for longevity though over anything else that would be the finish for you.

Of the above shades, my favourites at the moment are;

Crosswires: Cremesheen- This is like a soft red shade, it probably has some orange but I would say it’s definitely more red that orange. It’s definitely not an in your face red, like your lips but better red.


Sunny Seol: Cremesheen- I love this one, I think this May have been limited edition turned permanent. This is a very corally colour, it’s the perfect coloured lip for me, it’s not too in your face but it’s a noticeable colour, I like peachy cheeks and bronzer so coral goes really well with by base colours.


Pure Zen: Cremesheen- This was definitely an enabled purchase. I heard Hannah Maggs and Corrie from DIzzyBrunette 3 mention this one. This is quite a nude lip, looks great with NARS Turkish delight lip gloss! It’s super easy to wear for everyday.

Girl about Town: Amplified- This is more of an evening/ weekend lipstick for me. I think Cheryl Fernandez (Cole) used to wear this one a lot. It definitely is a blue toned pink; makes your teeth look whiter too 🙂 It’s quite a bright pink so not one I would wear for work really, I prefer this one with a lip brush too whereas the others I use straight from the bullet.


Hope you enjoyed today’s post…..I know the picture quality isn’t the best, my phones still with the shop so I’m having to make do with my I- pad which isn’t the best camera in the world 😦




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