The Boyfriend Tag….

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Lets see how well this boy really knows me…..

1) She is sitting infront of the T.V, what is on the screen?

Nickie: Made In Chelsea

Laura: Yeah, I will pass that. Along with KUWTK :-p

2)  You are out to eat, what kind of dressing does she have on her salad?

Nickie: Ceaser

Laura: Always! Love me some Ceaser dressing 🙂

3) What is one food she doesn’t like?

Nickie: Bubbly Chocolate


Laura: Hahaha! We’ve had a few heated words about this one, bubbly chocolate does taste different to normal solid chocolate, I don’t like the texture but Nickie just doesn’t get it haha!

4) You go out to eat and have a drink, what does she order?

Nickie: Diet Coke

Laura: Anyone that knows me knows this, I’m an addict haha!

5) What size shoe does she wear?

Nickie: 4

Laura: Correct!

6) If she was collecting anything, what would it be?

Nickie: Makeup

Laura: Erm probably, I used to have a huge collection but then over the years have narrowed it down to what I actually use to stop wasting so many items!

7) What is her favourite type of sandwich?

Nickie: Merry England Turkey Club

Laura: WOW! Best ever, Nickie introduced me to these, literally best ever sandwich!

8) What would she eat everyday if she could?

Nickie: Chicken Stir Fry

Laura: Nahhh, I would probably go for ice cream, phish food, chocolate brownie or peanut butter cup! I’m a massive peanut butter fan!

9) What is her favourite cereal?

Nickie: Chocolate Lucky charms or Branflakes…crunchy nut cornflakes, you quite like them too don’t you (so much for one huh?! Haha)

Laura: I eat Branflakes every morning before work so I can see why he would mention those, I love Lucky Charms as a treat and Reese’s puffs!


10) what is her favourite music?

Nickie: Train

Laura: I literally could not narrow this this down, I Do love Train so I would let him have that. I have a really eclectic taste in music.

11) What is her eye colour?

Nickie: Blue

Laura: Yep

12) Who is her best friend?

Nickie: Emma (and me)

Laura: Yeah 🙂 She’s been my best friend since High School, she’s definitely my oldest friend. Haha yeah, who doesn’t class their BF as their best friend? (Vom haha)

13) What is something you do that she wishes you didn’t?

Nickie: Eat

Laura: Hahaha this is soooo true, it’s not eating obviously! It’s the sound, I cannot stand the sound of people chewing, it’s definitely one of my peeves haha!

14) What is her heritage/ where is she from?

Nickie: Halifax

Laura: Haha, think he forgot the fact my Grandad was polish here :-p #fail

15) You bake her a cake for her birthday, what kind of cake is it?

Nickie: Slutty Brownie ( The Londeners recipe)


Laura: His logic was you don’t really like cake so I would make you Brownies, I’m not really a big lover of stodgy food, anything with a candle to blow out 🙂

16) What could she spend hours doing?

Nickie: Shopping…..without question

Laura: Haha he’s now reminiscing about our shopping trip to Manchester, we had been into Topshop and River Island and had been 3 hours! Oooopsie! I Love shopping, I try go with my sisters too but they get bored easily, within an hour Abigail is traipsing around behind me ready to have a food break haha! My youngest sister Olivia, is 17, she’s actually good as a shopping buddy, she will look around for hours with me 🙂

17) What is one unique talent she has?

Nickie: Well he had fun with this one haha but his final answer was her ability to spend hours shopping

Laura: Pahhhhh! Hands up, I’m a shopaholic!!

Well, overall he did quite well didn’t he? Hope you liked tonight’s post 🙂




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