Everyday makeup routine


I though whilst I’m having a Sunday soak I would post my everyday makeup routine…this one will be photo heavy…you have been warned.

I like what I know when it comes to makeup, once I’ve found something that works for me I tend to stick to it, especially when it comes to base.

My morning normally starts looking a something little like this….


Hair scraped back, dressing gown on and bare faced. I then start with moisturiser. As I mentioned before, my face is oily and spot prone, so I look for qualities that try help this…


I then start on my foundation, buffing it in until it looks as natural as possible. For this, I use the Real Techniques expert face brush.


I then conceal under my eyes using the Estée Lauder brush on highlighter. To blend I use the real techniques concealer brush.

image     image

Next step is to set…..I love the Soap & Glory one heck of a blot. I heard Essie Button rave about this and haven’t looked back since. Sets perfectly without looking cakey, again with a Real Technique brush, this is the all over face brush I think.



image  image image

I like to give them a quick brush through first, then I use my HD palette and draw them in and set with my mac brow set. Usually end up a bit like this:


I’ve forgotten where I was now haha…..oh eyes! Eyes are next….




I always prime my lids, habit now more than anything but I never have an issue with panda eyes, so something’s working. I’m giving primer the credit 🙂 If I’m honest I prefer Urban Decays primer potion, but this works just fine, the consistency is just a little wet for me and I’m not a fan of the applicator. The eye shadows I am wearing at the moment are Patina all over the lid, and then blended out and Nylon on the brow bone and inner corner, both by MAC. I then line by lash line with the Eyeko eyeliner- never budges and line my waterline and tight line with dipdown by MAC. Finally I curl my lashes with the Shu Emura eyelash curlers and apply lashings of mascara.

Final all step is adding some character back into my face with colour.


I use the Estée Lauder bronze goddess to contour my face more than using it as an all over colour. I then apply Nars orgasm blush to the apples of my cheeks and a dusting of the Mary Lou-maniser on the cheekbones. A quick coat of Mac’s Bombshell lipstick and I am set for the day. On average I would say it takes me about 35 minutes to get dressed, hair and makeup in a morning and I end up looking a bit like this….


Hope you enjoyed 🙂




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