My favourite YouTubers/Bloggers

I love the online world of YouTube & Bloggers. I have watched YouTube for maybe five years now, and I am still as addicted as the first day I watched a Zoella video. It’s amazing to be able to see someone’s life evolve infront of your eyes. A lot of the girls I have watched for years have now gone on to have their own little family, it’s lovely as a viewer to be able to take part in that. We digress…I have listed below a few of my all time favourites for you to have a nosy at if your looking for someone new to watch ๐Ÿ™‚

I started watching this channel maybe 18 months ago and fell in love, I literally watch them every day when they upload their daily vlog at 6pm. The channel is SacconeJoly’s. I LOVE Emilia and Eduardo, they are the sweetest, well behaved babies and always dressed impeccably. Anna and Jonathon have really grown their channel, as such they have the privilege at being stay at home parents. I think Anna particularly gets a lot of stick from viewers, this must be hard to take at times, I don’t know if I could handle the nasty comments daily. I would never leave a derogatory comment on a video, if you don’t like it don’t watch it but I guess some people just like that attention they get from it. Anna is gorgeous, every day she makes an effort with her appearance, even if they just have a day at home. Moreover, Anna does also have a blog that co insides the YouTube channel which is more focused on beauty and fashion. I can’t get enough of this YouTube channel, they are definitely high up there on my favourites!


Next up is Hannah Maggs! I started watching this channel again maybe 18 months or so ago, I think their son is about 8 months old now and I started watching from early on in Hannah’s pregnancy. I love how relatable Hannah is, she doesn’t sugar coat things, if days are hard, she will tell you she is struggling which I think is really reassuring to viewers, that not everyday is your best. Her baby; Grayson is adorable, the cutest chunkiest little boy. I don’t think I can mention Hannah’s videos without mentioning her Husband Stefs amazing filmography!! The editing on their videos is definitely the best on YouTube!! I love how strong a bond Stef and Hannah seem to have, as well as man and wife they seem like best friends and this really alludes on their videos ๐Ÿ™‚


A break from from the family vlogs now to a fashion/beauty YouTuber. The Persian Babe, Barbara is absolutely stunning, she seems to have really grown in to herself within the last few years. I think Barbara was one of the first people I started to watch on YouTube and I still love watching her videos just as much now as I did then. Barbara’s hauls are second to none, her sense if style is amazing and so diverse. She is one of these girls that can make a bin bag look stylish. She definitely has a look of Kim K too with her new lighter locks.


I know my sister loves this next one probably even more than me. It was my sister that first showed me a YouTube video and I think it was a Beauty Crush video….hooked ever since. Sammi is very similar age to me and I find her so easy to relate to. Sammi’s channel is quite varied, caters for everyone really, fashion, beauty, Vlogs, travel, food. She is so sweet and warm natured, and another that dresses amazingly, as well as having a body to die for! An added bonus is her gorgeous little puppy, Riley ๐Ÿ™‚


These are in no particular order to but just what pops in to my mind. My next favourite is DizzyBrunette3, she’s is the typical girl next door type and as her channel hasn’t boomed yet, she is still very relatable to the average 20 something. Corrie is funny in a really ditsy way, I love when she’s seen a celebrity and then says how embarrassingly excited she was. Corrie again does a good mix of vlogs, makeup tutorials, hauls, she also has the best hair on YouTube!!


Back to to the family style vlogs: Dolly Bow Bow. I love how close of a family she has, Kate has just had a little baby boy; Archie with her Fiancรฉe Rickie. Kate used to be infamous for her Primark Hauls when she first started YouTube, these have now evolved to vlogs of her lovely little family. I love watching vlogs with babies, these are definitely my favourite type of video. Although it does sometimes make my boyfriend broody haha! Kate is a typical girly girl, she loves shabby chic, her home decor is the epitome of this. Kate also has her own online shop full of all things girly, from jewellery to floral crowns to candles!


I’ve just seen the size of this blog, I’m not very good at condensing haha, I tend to get carried away and waffle. I’m now just going to list my remaining favourites below: – Queen on contouring, also now does new baby vlogs ๐Ÿ™‚

image – need I add anything else. The queen of YouTube, I love how supportive she is of other YouTubers as well.


Hole you enjoyed ๐Ÿ™‚ Who are your favourites?




5 thoughts on “My favourite YouTubers/Bloggers

  1. Zoe is definitely my favourite, and I like PointlessBlog, Sprinklefoglitr, ThatcherJoe, Caspar, tyler, all that lot. Recently went to see them at amity fest, it was just incredible! Just wondering, maybe you could check out my blog some time? It would be much appreciated xxx

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