WIWW: What I wore Wednesday


Another Wednesday, another outfit. This time featuring my new Zara shorts. My friend and I went to our local shopping centre recently for a browse. We have completely different tastes in clothes but we know each other’s style well, I was in the changing rooms trying on some pieces I had picked up when she came in with these shorts, instantly I wa

sn’t won over but when I tried them on they fit like a glove. The colours are also perfect for tying in a lot of tops I already own, blacks, greens, grey etc.

Being short (5’2″) I struggle with buying items for my bottom half if I don’t buy from a petite section, Zara trousers/jeans are literally ridiculous on me length wise but for some reason the shorts fit perfectly. And best of all they were only £25.99!


I wore mine with my green H&M shirt, opaque tights and Chelsea cut out boots. I obviously added my trusty leather jacket and black scarf when I left home, it is November after all 🙂





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