30 Days of Style: Day 8

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Day 8, I feel like I have been posting these forever haha!

This morning was an early one, hence the hair thrown up haha, well that and it was hair wash day. It’s been soooo cold outside recently, I’m always sat at my desk shivering so decided to dig out a winter warmer today. This jumper is a ribbed knit, quite thick and the perfect fit; not too snug or too loose. Jumpers can often drown me as I’m only short, or can make me look quite…..butch haha, that might be mind over matter but there’s something about jumpers I find a bit frumpy haha! That been said I really like this one, I got it last year from Primark, I think by memory it was about £15ish! Bargain!

My skirt is from Topshop (surprise, surprise) I love the colours in this, it looks lovely in summer with a cami tucked in, but for now it’s doing me just fine with black tights 🙂

My boots are my old faithful cut outs from River Island, I will be sad when I have to say goodbye to these, they are the comfiest, easiest thing to wear with any outfit but I think they have probably seen better days now to be honest.

We went to see The Hunger Games this evening, I wasn’t overly impressed to be honest, I found it dragged quite a bit and took a while to get going, have you been to see it?





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