30 Days of Style: Day 9

I have 20 minutes to kill before my boyfriend meets me, what better way to kill 20 minutes than a cheeky Costa and blogging :-p

I also just went for a quick look around my local boots….2 huge shopping bags later I left haha! Mostly Christmas presents in my defence, however I did pick up a few essentials, conditioner, cleanser, toner you know the drill. I have gone back to my old faithful conditioner from Bleach London: I swear by this stuff….(few hours later now as the Bf showed up early haha) anyway back to my product rave, this conditioner is like liquid gold for the hair, it leaves it soooo soft, and as I have said before I have really dry, coarse, frizzy hair naturally, so it’s a pretty good claim from my picky hair! I will leave the link below so you can read the reviews yourself.



Just incase you wanted to know what other necessities I picked up, I took a quick snap! Boots has 3 for 2 at the moment so I always stock up on things, I like a backup haha! The toner I have used for years, if you have acne prone skin this ones for you, it’s REALLY strong, but does help to clear those unsightly spots, defo not for anyone with dry skin. I use the cleanser as an eye makeup remover, it’s an oil based cleanser and gets every scrap of mascara off in pretty much one swipe, worth every penny in my books. I usually use batiste dry shampoo but fancied trying something new, this Umberto Gianni one had good reviews so thought I would give it a whirl.


Anyway, onto the intended post…outfit! Here is todays choice:



My shirt is from H&M, a flowy polka dot 3/4 sleeve. I love H&M for shirts, they are really inespensive too, think this was about £12! My jeans are ripped Joni jeans from the Petite range and my tartan scarf is from Primark, I was already umming and ahhing when I wore this, now i’ve sen the pics im even less of a fan haha! Its a bit…..limp, short, thin haha!!




Hope you enjoyed






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