30 Days of Style: Day 10


Well I’m a third of the way there now! I’m going to miss taking these quick snaps when the 30 days are over…but I’ll savour the extra few minutes in bed haha!

Todays post is super quick as I had a pretty plain outfit on. My jeans are the bleach was Leigh jeans from Topshop in Petite- not sold anymore but there’s plenty more colours online.


My vest top is also from Topshop, I love simple tops like this that are easy to throw on with not much thought 🙂 It’s a Topshop bargain too at only £12!


My Blazer isn’t showing up true to colour, but this has lime green and fascia pink thread running through it, looks much nicer in real life and just adds something to an otherwise boring outfit.

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s short and sweet post. Who else is ready for that Saturday morning lie in? I sure am 🙂





30 Days of Style: Day 5

image image image image image image

Today’s outfit needed to be shopping centre appropriate, no scarf or jacket today as I knew I was only going to be indoors and would end up carrying them. My floral wrap-a-round skirt is from Zara in the summer, it’s one of those tube style type skirts so quite form fitting, I like that because it means it doesn’t end up back to front and twisting like a lot of A-Line skirts do in me. My denim shirt is from Topshop….about 4 years ago now haha! To say I’m a shirt lover, this shirt often gets neglected, I think it’s because it’s kinda rigid anddddd I could never do double denim, so struggle to find something to wear with it. That’s pretty much the be all and end all of my outfit today.

I got my first Christmas edition drink today. Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate from Costa, accompanied with a Salted Caramel Yule log! Ahhhmazing!!! We were at the Trafford Centre in Manchester doing a spot of Christmas Shopping, I love it when they bring all the decorations out, it looks so festive. I had a nosy in John Lewis too at their Christmas Decorations as I had seen http://www.xameliax.com ‘s   recent video, the Christmas Decorations were adorable! I could have spent a small fortune haha, especially on their snow globes 🙂

Hope you enjoyed


30 days of style: Day 3


Grrrrr, failed miserably today. For some reason the pictures I took this morning hadnt stored on my phone, with not going home tonight I made a mad dash to town on my lunch to take a few pictures of my outfit….apologies therefore for the worse than normal pictures, it’s better than missing a day though, right? Hopefully haha!

The outfit….today I wore my petite ripped Baxter jeans from Topshop, paired with my heeled River Island boots and cream H&M shirt. I wore my blue tartan scarf from Primark which is really similar in style to the huge Zara ones but at half the price. It was freezing cold today so these blanket scarfs are perfect 🙂 I finished it off with my river island leather jacket. Think I may have to bring out my winter coat though now, it’s definitely starting to get colder now!

Sorry for the rushed post tonight, hope you enjoyed none the less 🙂


30 days of style: Day 2



I love Anna Saccone’s blog, at the moment she is doing 30 days of style. Since she has been doing it I have gone to her blog daily to see her OOTD. I thought I might get bored of seeing the same type of post but quite the opposite. With that in mind I thought I would give it a whirl and see how it goes….or if I manage 30 consecutive days more to the point haha! I hope it will make me delve into my wardrobe a bit more too and mix and match items, we will see.

When I buy a dress I try buy the ones that will look good bare legged in summer and with tights in winter, this dress is from New Look last summer and I think it transitions really well, I wore it with my Leather jacket, black tights and black Chelsea boots and think it turned out OK.

My perfume today was definitely ‘A blogger made me do it’ perfume. I heard Tanya Burr rave about this, but to be honest I don’t think its my favourite, I prefer sweeter, soft, girly scents. This is a bit masculine for my taste, that being said it is advertised as a unisex scent!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂