30 Days of Style: Day 16

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From the moment I got up this morning, I was looking forward to getting back into my cosy bed. Yawnnnn!!

Todays outfit is another Skort, I find these really easy to wear, much less effort that a skirt, I like that a skort gives something just a bit extra to a plain pair of shorts. I have my eye on a few other Skorts at the moment from Topshop:

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My skort is a peachy/Orange from Tooshop this summer, it’s a bit short to wear with no tights to be honest so think I would only wear this in winter….nobody needs to be put through my bum cheeks hanging out of my shorts haha! My shirts is my Zara staple, if these was one item I couldn’t live without in my wardrobe, this is it. Hands down.

Hope you enjoyed….back to the Christmas wrapping haha!!




30 Days of Style: Day 12

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Failed didn’t I haha, I literally didn’t get dressed yesterday all day. I had loads of house chores to do and we put the Christmas tree up, I didn’t think you would want to see my No-Makeup face in a dressing gown haha!

Anyway, onwards and upwards! Today was all black everything, my boyfriend told me I looked like I was going to a funeral….what do men know haha! My quilted leather skirt is from Topshop, last year, as is my high neck tank top. Don’t know how I feel about this little number to be honest, I think my face is too chubby for high neck’s haha! It’s only the second time I have worn it…I’ve had it about a year haha! If these are your thing, it’s from Topshop, I’m pretty sure I have seen similar ones on the website this year if your on the look out.

Today we went to a cute little 1940’s Christmas market. For a foodie like my boyfriend it was heaven, from Polish hot dogs to Kangaroo stir fry to pulled pork Foccacia, this place had everything. I went for the pulled pork Foccacia- gorgeous, Nickie had a smoked Hot Dog and later had a chicken burrito, I assume the burrito was amazing as he didn’t stop going on about if while he was eating it haha! We both got a cake to take home, mine is above and I’ve just devoured it- Triple chocolate brownie with Hot Custard, Yum! Nickie got a toffee brownie I think which is still on the worktop waiting to me eaten.

We called at our local Garden Centre on the way home for a nosy at the Christmas stuff…..walked out later with 3 bags of Christmas decorations for our sideboard haha!! It does look lovely and festive now though ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you enjoyed ๐Ÿ™‚



30 Days of Style: Day 9

I have 20 minutes to kill before my boyfriend meets me, what better way to kill 20 minutes than a cheeky Costa and blogging :-p

I also just went for a quick look around my local boots….2 huge shopping bags later I left haha! Mostly Christmas presents in my defence, however I did pick up a few essentials, conditioner, cleanser, toner you know the drill. I have gone back to my old faithful conditioner from Bleach London: I swear by this stuff….(few hours later now as the Bf showed up early haha) anyway back to my product rave, this conditioner is like liquid gold for the hair, it leaves it soooo soft, and as I have said before I have really dry, coarse, frizzy hair naturally, so it’s a pretty good claim from my picky hair! I will leave the link below so you can read the reviews yourself.



Just incase you wanted to know what other necessities I picked up, I took a quick snap! Boots has 3 for 2 at the moment so I always stock up on things, I like a backup haha! The toner I have used for years, if you have acne prone skin this ones for you, it’s REALLY strong, but does help to clear those unsightly spots, defo not for anyone with dry skin. I use the cleanser as an eye makeup remover, it’s an oil based cleanser and gets every scrap of mascara off in pretty much one swipe, worth every penny in my books. I usually use batiste dry shampoo but fancied trying something new, this Umberto Gianni one had good reviews so thought I would give it a whirl.


Anyway, onto the intended post…outfit! Here is todays choice:



My shirt is from H&M, a flowy polka dot 3/4 sleeve. I love H&M for shirts, they are really inespensive too, think this was about ยฃ12! My jeans are ripped Joni jeans from the Petite range and my tartan scarf is from Primark, I was already umming and ahhing when I wore this, now i’ve sen the pics im even less of a fan haha! Its a bit…..limp, short, thin haha!!




Hope you enjoyed





30 Days of Style: Day 5

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Today’s outfit needed to be shopping centre appropriate, no scarf or jacket today as I knew I was only going to be indoors and would end up carrying them. My floral wrap-a-round skirt is from Zara in the summer, it’s one of those tube style type skirts so quite form fitting, I like that because it means it doesn’t end up back to front and twisting like a lot of A-Line skirts do in me. My denim shirt is from Topshop….about 4 years ago now haha! To say I’m a shirt lover, this shirt often gets neglected, I think it’s because it’s kinda rigid anddddd I could never do double denim, so struggle to find something to wear with it. That’s pretty much the be all and end all of my outfit today.

I got my first Christmas edition drink today. Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate from Costa, accompanied with a Salted Caramel Yule log! Ahhhmazing!!! We were at the Trafford Centre in Manchester doing a spot of Christmas Shopping, I love it when they bring all the decorations out, it looks so festive. I had a nosy in John Lewis too at their Christmas Decorations as I had seen http://www.xameliax.com ‘s ย  recent video, the Christmas Decorations were adorable! I could have spent a small fortune haha, especially on their snow globes ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you enjoyed


Yankee Candle Review


My favourite brand of candles is by far Yankee Candle. The main reason being there huge array of scents. My all time favourite any season scent is Black Cherry, it smells amazing, sweet without being sickly.

However, with Christmas looming I was on the look out for christmas gift ideas and came across this votive christmas edition pack! I would love this as a present so stocked up for friends gifts. In my opinion they were a bargain at ยฃ8 from House of Fraser. They are the perfect size to give you a taster of the scents to see if you would want to splurge on the bigger glasses which are ยฃ20. I also think these minis are perfect for Christmas, you don’t want to be burning Christmas Eve in April do you….so with them being minis I think they have about 5 hours burning time so you will get round to using them all in the festive period.

My favourite of the pack is candy cane lane! Smells exactly how you would expect of a candy cane scent! I’m itching to use these already but I’m trying to hold out until December haha! Although the larger one is not christmas scented I though I would show you as I think they are perfect christmas presents ๐Ÿ™‚ The tarts are also christmas scents, ‘winter wonderland’ & ‘cherries on snow’ these seem to last me hours and hours, I don’t know what there official burn time is but I burn these constantly and they hardly seem to evaporate! These are therefore amazing value for money at under ยฃ2!

Hope you enjoyed ๐Ÿ™‚



Tuesdays are for….Temptation

Well I’m taking this as a success….2 days in a row, I can wear a bloggers crown, right?!

I work a 9-5 job in a busy office and with all the best intentions of the Cinema tonight I succumbed to…..Heaven!


There is nothing better than on a gloomyย winters evening than a steamy hot bath, made even better with my favourite candle, chocolate and wine ๐Ÿ™‚

The candle is the Yankee Candle in black cherry, it smells amazing and does a good job at fragrancing my living room. Some candles smell amazing on first whiff, get them home,light them and nothing! Not a smidge of that lovely scent you thought would encase your room.

The chocolate is my ever faithful Terry’s Chocolate Orange, this one however is a christmas edition with added toffee crunch….delish! (By the time I had taken my pictures it was spreadable haha)

I made a trip to the Trafford Centre recently and couldn’t resist some of the new Christmas Lush items! I had a bit of the bubble bar; candy mountain in tonight’s bath. If you like sweet girly smelling products you will definitely enjoy this one… Like snow fairy but bubble bar form. I snap a bit off and crumble it in my hand under the running water and Voila!

I am very excited to try the 2 bath bombs, I’ve never seen these ones before so maybe they are new for this years christmas. The colours are amazing so can’t wait to see those fizzing around my bath ๐Ÿ™‚




Hope you enjoyed tonight’s post, if there is anything in particular you would like me to share please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ x