30 Days of Style: Day 15

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Half way there, wahoooo!!! Today was my day off, I had allocated the day to try finish my Christmas shopping…I still need a few more bits haha! It’s never ending. I forgot to take my pictures this morning as my Sister popped round early doors and then we went straight out, by the time I was home my phone had died, so apologies for the poor quality I-Pad pictures.

Todays outfit is no different to others haha, nothing crazy or eye-catching. I wore my Topshop ripped skinnies. An old Topshop blouse, my River Island leather jacket and hugeeeee Zara scarf as if was extra cold today. Even Jack Frost had been to pay a visit this morning.

I wear a few of these items a lot so I have linked them below if you wanted some better pictures 🙂

http://www.riverisland.com/women/coats–jackets/biker-jackets/Black-leather-biker-jacket-659451  Not eact but similar



Hope you enjoyed X


Autumn favourites….


I love Autumn, I love the darker nights, candles, being wrapped up, hot chocolates, fires, everything that Autumn brings. I love the sound of the rain on the windows when your warm and cosy inside, wrapped in a super fluffy blanket. Going to the seaside on a sunny winters day, the sky is clear but the air is crisp, and your wrapped up in your thickest layers 🙂 Below is a picture of my favourite UK seaside resort….can you guess it?


I love candles and lots of them, the more the merrier to me, especially warm berry scents such as my trusty Black Cherry scent from Yankee Candle. Nothing else makes a room look so cosy than candlelight and faux fur throws. Perfect setting for an indulgent hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and your favourite feel good film, for me it’s my childhood favourite: A Little Princess 🙂

My favourite hot chocolate to make at the moment is the galaxy hot chocolate powder, 3/4 water with 1/4 milk to make it extra creamy, honeycomb syrup, a handful of marshmallows to melt on the top and a dollop of your favourite ice cream on top; mines phish food…yum! It’s also really nice with a shot of amaretto instead of the syrup.


Aswell as as the temperature change I also LOVE autumn fashion! I did a post recently on my Autumn lusts, here are a few other I have my eye on :-p

image imageimage

The scarf and boots are from Zara and the Jumper Topshop! I’m not a fan of small thin scarfs, I much prefer a big chunky wrap-round scarf that you can snuggle into and Zara have these in abundance, a bargain really too at £20! The Jumper is £38 from Topshop and a great staple piece that you can wear with just about anything! The boots are £70 I think, I’m in desperate need of some low heeled black boots and these are perfect! Definitely got my eyes on these for pay day 🙂

Hope you liked tonight’s post 🙂



My Living Room….

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I thought seen as though I has shown my bedroom previously and I mentioned my second favourite room was my living room I would show you why…

My Living room acts as a living/dining room. The room is L shaped so acts well at segregating the two areas. My furniture is the San Quentin range from Barker and Stonehouse! I love rustic looking furniture and this fits the bill perfectly, it’s finished wood in as far as it’s treated but it’s also very individual. Every piece made is different with it’s markings and colour, I like that the surface areas aren’t even and that you can see the markings on the wood.

My colour theme is very natural, ours walls are a soft oatmeal colour which adds a warmth and depth to the room, and the colour theme is variations of browns and creams with the odd hint of red on the sideboard. I love Buddhas and when I saw the head in Homesense it had to be mine, it fits perfectly and sets the sideboard off, it definitely gets comments when people come visit. As mentioned in my previous post I love candles, as you can see my sideboard is littered in them, I light them as soon as I get home and think it makes the too. Look super cosy when lit on a dark evening 🙂

I did also mention previously I got a new Kitten. We eventually decided in a name so though I would share a few snaps of Daisy! She’s been very well behaved so far and settled in perfectly with us, she’s a little purrrrrer so hopefully that means she’s happy with us too 🙂

image   image



My bedroom…..




I thought I would share a quick snippet of my apartment before I go enjoy the fireworks tonight.


I moved into into my apartment 3 weeks ago and things are just about finished now, the bedroom is one of my favourite rooms alongside the living room.  I love faux fur, I think it makes things really cosy and welcoming so I have plenty on my bed….who doesn’t want to be welcomed to bed every night 🙂

Every girl needs a dressing table, mine is the YouTube/blogger famous Hemnes from Ikea along with the chair. I added some dried flowers around the mirror and took some fancy wallpaper from B&Q and inserted that under the glass to make it look a bit different.

My bedroom is split over 2 levels, so the top half is MY area, with my wardrobe, drawers and dressing table. My boyfriends stuff has been sent to the spare room haha, although he does sit at my dressing table in a morning to straighten his hair….:-p

The bedding is a mixture of John Lewis and next. It’s super super soft and fleecy and perfect for the cooler night, the faux fur throw is the softest thing you will ever feel.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂