30 Days of Style: Day 17

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Wahoooo!! Friday!! Thank the Lord!! Anyone else got the Friday feeling?

Im not sure what it js about these Topshop Leigh jeans, they are the same size as all my other pairs- which fit like a dream. This pair however, are really baggy, I always forget how much so until I am out of the door and it’s too late. All day I’ve been dying to take them off, I feel they are just really unflattering but just begrudged to throw them in the bin!

Anyway, after that little whinge haha, my jumper is from Topshop, it’s kinda cropped, on the longer version of. It’s a thick, bottle green jumper. I like warm, earthy, natural colours and green falls into this nicely, especially this shade of Green. My belt that you can just about see is just a plain black, Primark belt. Really inexpensive, maybe £2?!

Im going to now enjoy my takeaway curry and look to forward to my lie in tomorrow 🙂

Hope you enjoyed