30 Days of Style: Day 17

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Wahoooo!! Friday!! Thank the Lord!! Anyone else got the Friday feeling?

Im not sure what it js about these Topshop Leigh jeans, they are the same size as all my other pairs- which fit like a dream. This pair however, are really baggy, I always forget how much so until I am out of the door and it’s too late. All day I’ve been dying to take them off, I feel they are just really unflattering but just begrudged to throw them in the bin!

Anyway, after that little whinge haha, my jumper is from Topshop, it’s kinda cropped, on the longer version of. It’s a thick, bottle green jumper. I like warm, earthy, natural colours and green falls into this nicely, especially this shade of Green. My belt that you can just about see is just a plain black, Primark belt. Really inexpensive, maybe £2?!

Im going to now enjoy my takeaway curry and look to forward to my lie in tomorrow 🙂

Hope you enjoyed



30 Days of Style: Day 16

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From the moment I got up this morning, I was looking forward to getting back into my cosy bed. Yawnnnn!!

Todays outfit is another Skort, I find these really easy to wear, much less effort that a skirt, I like that a skort gives something just a bit extra to a plain pair of shorts. I have my eye on a few other Skorts at the moment from Topshop:

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My skort is a peachy/Orange from Tooshop this summer, it’s a bit short to wear with no tights to be honest so think I would only wear this in winter….nobody needs to be put through my bum cheeks hanging out of my shorts haha! My shirts is my Zara staple, if these was one item I couldn’t live without in my wardrobe, this is it. Hands down.

Hope you enjoyed….back to the Christmas wrapping haha!!



30 Days of Style: Day 10


Well I’m a third of the way there now! I’m going to miss taking these quick snaps when the 30 days are over…but I’ll savour the extra few minutes in bed haha!

Todays post is super quick as I had a pretty plain outfit on. My jeans are the bleach was Leigh jeans from Topshop in Petite- not sold anymore but there’s plenty more colours online.


My vest top is also from Topshop, I love simple tops like this that are easy to throw on with not much thought 🙂 It’s a Topshop bargain too at only £12!


My Blazer isn’t showing up true to colour, but this has lime green and fascia pink thread running through it, looks much nicer in real life and just adds something to an otherwise boring outfit.

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s short and sweet post. Who else is ready for that Saturday morning lie in? I sure am 🙂




The Boyfriend Tag….

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Lets see how well this boy really knows me…..

1) She is sitting infront of the T.V, what is on the screen?

Nickie: Made In Chelsea

Laura: Yeah, I will pass that. Along with KUWTK :-p

2)  You are out to eat, what kind of dressing does she have on her salad?

Nickie: Ceaser

Laura: Always! Love me some Ceaser dressing 🙂

3) What is one food she doesn’t like?

Nickie: Bubbly Chocolate


Laura: Hahaha! We’ve had a few heated words about this one, bubbly chocolate does taste different to normal solid chocolate, I don’t like the texture but Nickie just doesn’t get it haha!

4) You go out to eat and have a drink, what does she order?

Nickie: Diet Coke

Laura: Anyone that knows me knows this, I’m an addict haha!

5) What size shoe does she wear?

Nickie: 4

Laura: Correct!

6) If she was collecting anything, what would it be?

Nickie: Makeup

Laura: Erm probably, I used to have a huge collection but then over the years have narrowed it down to what I actually use to stop wasting so many items!

7) What is her favourite type of sandwich?

Nickie: Merry England Turkey Club

Laura: WOW! Best ever, Nickie introduced me to these, literally best ever sandwich!

8) What would she eat everyday if she could?

Nickie: Chicken Stir Fry

Laura: Nahhh, I would probably go for ice cream, phish food, chocolate brownie or peanut butter cup! I’m a massive peanut butter fan!

9) What is her favourite cereal?

Nickie: Chocolate Lucky charms or Branflakes…crunchy nut cornflakes, you quite like them too don’t you (so much for one huh?! Haha)

Laura: I eat Branflakes every morning before work so I can see why he would mention those, I love Lucky Charms as a treat and Reese’s puffs!


10) what is her favourite music?

Nickie: Train

Laura: I literally could not narrow this this down, I Do love Train so I would let him have that. I have a really eclectic taste in music.

11) What is her eye colour?

Nickie: Blue

Laura: Yep

12) Who is her best friend?

Nickie: Emma (and me)

Laura: Yeah 🙂 She’s been my best friend since High School, she’s definitely my oldest friend. Haha yeah, who doesn’t class their BF as their best friend? (Vom haha)

13) What is something you do that she wishes you didn’t?

Nickie: Eat

Laura: Hahaha this is soooo true, it’s not eating obviously! It’s the sound, I cannot stand the sound of people chewing, it’s definitely one of my peeves haha!

14) What is her heritage/ where is she from?

Nickie: Halifax

Laura: Haha, think he forgot the fact my Grandad was polish here :-p #fail

15) You bake her a cake for her birthday, what kind of cake is it?

Nickie: Slutty Brownie ( The Londeners recipe)


Laura: His logic was you don’t really like cake so I would make you Brownies, I’m not really a big lover of stodgy food, anything with a candle to blow out 🙂

16) What could she spend hours doing?

Nickie: Shopping…..without question

Laura: Haha he’s now reminiscing about our shopping trip to Manchester, we had been into Topshop and River Island and had been 3 hours! Oooopsie! I Love shopping, I try go with my sisters too but they get bored easily, within an hour Abigail is traipsing around behind me ready to have a food break haha! My youngest sister Olivia, is 17, she’s actually good as a shopping buddy, she will look around for hours with me 🙂

17) What is one unique talent she has?

Nickie: Well he had fun with this one haha but his final answer was her ability to spend hours shopping

Laura: Pahhhhh! Hands up, I’m a shopaholic!!

Well, overall he did quite well didn’t he? Hope you liked tonight’s post 🙂



Tag….20 Questions


I thought I might try something a bit different today in the form of a tag. I like to be nosy and read other tags so though this would be a good way to introduce myself more 🙂

I found this tag on Dazzledust25’s blog and thought it was quite a fun one to do 🙂

1) Thing you cannot leave the house without.

My phone, definitely. I literally feel lost without it. I hate not being able to contact people during the day.  I also don’t like leaving without my make-up bag, I mean I could leave without it but I would be annoyed haha


2) Favourite brand of Makeup

Easy peasy….Estee Lauder, hands down, always!

3) Favourite flower

Hmmmm, I could give or take flowers to be honest. They look pretty but I’m not crazy for them. If I had to chose I would probably go for pink roses



4) Favourite clothing store

Anyone that knows me will know this….TOPSHOP! I live for this place haha, followed closely by Zara

5) Favourite Perfume

Ohhh to narrow to one….erm I would probably say Victor & Rolf: Flower Bomb. I also like YSL Parisienne, Miss Dior Cherie, Thierry Mulger: Alien to name a few haha



6) Heels or Flats

Heels, I’m 5’3″ so I like a bit of help in the height department haha. I wear heeled boots a lot on a day to day basis.

7) Do you make good grades?

I’m 25 now so been out of education a good few years, when I was in school though yeah I came out with good grades. I did go to uni but dropped out after a few months

8) Favourite colours

I don’t have a favourite colour really, I like a natural colour palette, nothing too bright and garish!

9) Do you drink energy drinks?

I literally cannot deal with them haha! They give me the shakes, even drinking a can of full fat coke makes me feel funny haha

10) Do you drink juice?

Yeah, I Loveeeeee fresh orange juice…..smooth, no bits!

11) Do you like swimming?

Well, I mean I can swim, do I love it? Not really haha! I don’t like getting splashed, I don’t like waves, I’m scared of swimming in the sea and a shark eating me haha, so I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest lover, no haha

12) Do you eat fries with a fork?

Do people not? Yes, always!

13) Favourite Moisturiser?

I really like the Body shop mattifying moisturiser and the tea tree lotion…good for problem skin girls!

14) Do you want to get married later in life?

I could write a whole post on this! Marriage isn’t the be all and end al to me, I could take it or leave it. I like the unity of a family having the same surname but that’s about all that appeals to me haha

15) Do you get mad easily?

Erm…I’m easily irritated, not so much mad. I’m a very stubborn Taurus

16) Are you into ghost hunting?

No, I wouldn’t want to delve into it either through fear of seeing something I didn’t want to haha! I don’t mind a scary film but that’s as far as I would venture

17) Any phobias?

Dying….does that count haha? I am quite the worrier but not as far as phobias

18) Do you bite you nails?

No never, I think it looks awful :-/

19) Have you ever had a near death experience?

Hmmmm, I don’t think so really. I did venture into a shanty town in Gambia without a guide, maybe that wasn’t the best idea but don’t think I would have necessarily died haha!

20) Do you drink coffee?

I don’t drink coffee, I really don’t like the taste. Oddly enough bought I love coffee cake and coffee flavoured sweets, is that strange haha?