30 Days of Style: Day 17

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Wahoooo!! Friday!! Thank the Lord!! Anyone else got the Friday feeling?

Im not sure what it js about these Topshop Leigh jeans, they are the same size as all my other pairs- which fit like a dream. This pair however, are really baggy, I always forget how much so until I am out of the door and it’s too late. All day I’ve been dying to take them off, I feel they are just really unflattering but just begrudged to throw them in the bin!

Anyway, after that little whinge haha, my jumper is from Topshop, it’s kinda cropped, on the longer version of. It’s a thick, bottle green jumper. I like warm, earthy, natural colours and green falls into this nicely, especially this shade of Green. My belt that you can just about see is just a plain black, Primark belt. Really inexpensive, maybe £2?!

Im going to now enjoy my takeaway curry and look to forward to my lie in tomorrow 🙂

Hope you enjoyed



30 Days of Style: Day 16

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From the moment I got up this morning, I was looking forward to getting back into my cosy bed. Yawnnnn!!

Todays outfit is another Skort, I find these really easy to wear, much less effort that a skirt, I like that a skort gives something just a bit extra to a plain pair of shorts. I have my eye on a few other Skorts at the moment from Topshop:

image image

My skort is a peachy/Orange from Tooshop this summer, it’s a bit short to wear with no tights to be honest so think I would only wear this in winter….nobody needs to be put through my bum cheeks hanging out of my shorts haha! My shirts is my Zara staple, if these was one item I couldn’t live without in my wardrobe, this is it. Hands down.

Hope you enjoyed….back to the Christmas wrapping haha!!



30 Days of Style: Day 15

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Half way there, wahoooo!!! Today was my day off, I had allocated the day to try finish my Christmas shopping…I still need a few more bits haha! It’s never ending. I forgot to take my pictures this morning as my Sister popped round early doors and then we went straight out, by the time I was home my phone had died, so apologies for the poor quality I-Pad pictures.

Todays outfit is no different to others haha, nothing crazy or eye-catching. I wore my Topshop ripped skinnies. An old Topshop blouse, my River Island leather jacket and hugeeeee Zara scarf as if was extra cold today. Even Jack Frost had been to pay a visit this morning.

I wear a few of these items a lot so I have linked them below if you wanted some better pictures 🙂

http://www.riverisland.com/women/coats–jackets/biker-jackets/Black-leather-biker-jacket-659451  Not eact but similar



Hope you enjoyed X

30 Days of Style: Day 14

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Today’s outfit is a LBD, everyone needs one of these for the days you just can’t find anything else to wear. A day LBD is the perfect quick fix when you need to run out of the door in a morning but still look somewhat presentable. My LBD is from Topshop a few years ago, it’s just a plain Jersey skater dress, but I love the fit, cinches in at the waist and flares at the hips. I also like the capped sleeves on this which makes it more winter wearable than straps.

My green snood if from Topshop also, I got this in the sale one year for maybe £5 🙂 My watch is Michael Kors and Necklace a double coin pendant again Topshop. I teamed my outfit with my Leather Jacket and cut out boots that I have shown previously.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂



30 Days if Style: Day 13

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Ok….looking back on this outfit. Awful. I look like Wenda Wally, definitely not my finest hour haha! Hey ho, you live and learn.

The Jeans are my faithful Leigh’s, my Wana Wally top is from Zara, maybe it would lok better tucked into a skater skirt….anything but with these jeans haha! My coat is as mentioned before from Zara.


See you tomorrow 🙂




30 Days of Style: Day 12

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Failed didn’t I haha, I literally didn’t get dressed yesterday all day. I had loads of house chores to do and we put the Christmas tree up, I didn’t think you would want to see my No-Makeup face in a dressing gown haha!

Anyway, onwards and upwards! Today was all black everything, my boyfriend told me I looked like I was going to a funeral….what do men know haha! My quilted leather skirt is from Topshop, last year, as is my high neck tank top. Don’t know how I feel about this little number to be honest, I think my face is too chubby for high neck’s haha! It’s only the second time I have worn it…I’ve had it about a year haha! If these are your thing, it’s from Topshop, I’m pretty sure I have seen similar ones on the website this year if your on the look out.

Today we went to a cute little 1940’s Christmas market. For a foodie like my boyfriend it was heaven, from Polish hot dogs to Kangaroo stir fry to pulled pork Foccacia, this place had everything. I went for the pulled pork Foccacia- gorgeous, Nickie had a smoked Hot Dog and later had a chicken burrito, I assume the burrito was amazing as he didn’t stop going on about if while he was eating it haha! We both got a cake to take home, mine is above and I’ve just devoured it- Triple chocolate brownie with Hot Custard, Yum! Nickie got a toffee brownie I think which is still on the worktop waiting to me eaten.

We called at our local Garden Centre on the way home for a nosy at the Christmas stuff…..walked out later with 3 bags of Christmas decorations for our sideboard haha!! It does look lovely and festive now though 🙂

Hope you enjoyed 🙂



30 Days of Style: Day 10


Well I’m a third of the way there now! I’m going to miss taking these quick snaps when the 30 days are over…but I’ll savour the extra few minutes in bed haha!

Todays post is super quick as I had a pretty plain outfit on. My jeans are the bleach was Leigh jeans from Topshop in Petite- not sold anymore but there’s plenty more colours online.


My vest top is also from Topshop, I love simple tops like this that are easy to throw on with not much thought 🙂 It’s a Topshop bargain too at only £12!


My Blazer isn’t showing up true to colour, but this has lime green and fascia pink thread running through it, looks much nicer in real life and just adds something to an otherwise boring outfit.

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s short and sweet post. Who else is ready for that Saturday morning lie in? I sure am 🙂