30 Days of Style: Day 17

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Wahoooo!! Friday!! Thank the Lord!! Anyone else got the Friday feeling?

Im not sure what it js about these Topshop Leigh jeans, they are the same size as all my other pairs- which fit like a dream. This pair however, are really baggy, I always forget how much so until I am out of the door and it’s too late. All day I’ve been dying to take them off, I feel they are just really unflattering but just begrudged to throw them in the bin!

Anyway, after that little whinge haha, my jumper is from Topshop, it’s kinda cropped, on the longer version of. It’s a thick, bottle green jumper. I like warm, earthy, natural colours and green falls into this nicely, especially this shade of Green. My belt that you can just about see is just a plain black, Primark belt. Really inexpensive, maybe £2?!

Im going to now enjoy my takeaway curry and look to forward to my lie in tomorrow 🙂

Hope you enjoyed



30 Days of Style: Day 15

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Half way there, wahoooo!!! Today was my day off, I had allocated the day to try finish my Christmas shopping…I still need a few more bits haha! It’s never ending. I forgot to take my pictures this morning as my Sister popped round early doors and then we went straight out, by the time I was home my phone had died, so apologies for the poor quality I-Pad pictures.

Todays outfit is no different to others haha, nothing crazy or eye-catching. I wore my Topshop ripped skinnies. An old Topshop blouse, my River Island leather jacket and hugeeeee Zara scarf as if was extra cold today. Even Jack Frost had been to pay a visit this morning.

I wear a few of these items a lot so I have linked them below if you wanted some better pictures 🙂

http://www.riverisland.com/women/coats–jackets/biker-jackets/Black-leather-biker-jacket-659451  Not eact but similar



Hope you enjoyed X

30 Days if Style: Day 13

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Ok….looking back on this outfit. Awful. I look like Wenda Wally, definitely not my finest hour haha! Hey ho, you live and learn.

The Jeans are my faithful Leigh’s, my Wana Wally top is from Zara, maybe it would lok better tucked into a skater skirt….anything but with these jeans haha! My coat is as mentioned before from Zara.


See you tomorrow 🙂




30 Days of Style: Day 6

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It it was a chilly one this morning….had to dig out my winter coat as my leather jacket isnt cutting it recently! My coat is from Zara last winter, I haven’t managed to find one I like yet this year boooo 😦 I really need one with a hood as im forever losing umbrellas so end up looking like a drowned rat! Not the best of looks haha!

This coat is really heavy and warm, made extra snuggly with the faux fur collar. My skirt is from Topshop….kinda feels like something from clueless haha! I literature have a million and one of these Lycra tops. I buy mine from Primark and restock every winter, I buy them in black and white, they literally go with everything! I love a simple, plain top!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂 See you tomorrow


30 days of style: Day 2



I love Anna Saccone’s blog, at the moment she is doing 30 days of style. Since she has been doing it I have gone to her blog daily to see her OOTD. I thought I might get bored of seeing the same type of post but quite the opposite. With that in mind I thought I would give it a whirl and see how it goes….or if I manage 30 consecutive days more to the point haha! I hope it will make me delve into my wardrobe a bit more too and mix and match items, we will see.

When I buy a dress I try buy the ones that will look good bare legged in summer and with tights in winter, this dress is from New Look last summer and I think it transitions really well, I wore it with my Leather jacket, black tights and black Chelsea boots and think it turned out OK.

My perfume today was definitely ‘A blogger made me do it’ perfume. I heard Tanya Burr rave about this, but to be honest I don’t think its my favourite, I prefer sweeter, soft, girly scents. This is a bit masculine for my taste, that being said it is advertised as a unisex scent!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂



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Super duper quick OOTD today. This is something I wear in a typic day to day basis.
The boots and Jacket are from River Island (current season) The jeans are Topshop petite Joni jeans and the Scarf is from zara (current season) The shirt is from H & M, this was bought maybe 5 months ago so might not be available anymore 😦

If I had a uniform this would definitely be it, super comfy and effortless to wear.

Hope you enjoyed this quick post 🙂



Autumn favourites….


I love Autumn, I love the darker nights, candles, being wrapped up, hot chocolates, fires, everything that Autumn brings. I love the sound of the rain on the windows when your warm and cosy inside, wrapped in a super fluffy blanket. Going to the seaside on a sunny winters day, the sky is clear but the air is crisp, and your wrapped up in your thickest layers 🙂 Below is a picture of my favourite UK seaside resort….can you guess it?


I love candles and lots of them, the more the merrier to me, especially warm berry scents such as my trusty Black Cherry scent from Yankee Candle. Nothing else makes a room look so cosy than candlelight and faux fur throws. Perfect setting for an indulgent hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and your favourite feel good film, for me it’s my childhood favourite: A Little Princess 🙂

My favourite hot chocolate to make at the moment is the galaxy hot chocolate powder, 3/4 water with 1/4 milk to make it extra creamy, honeycomb syrup, a handful of marshmallows to melt on the top and a dollop of your favourite ice cream on top; mines phish food…yum! It’s also really nice with a shot of amaretto instead of the syrup.


Aswell as as the temperature change I also LOVE autumn fashion! I did a post recently on my Autumn lusts, here are a few other I have my eye on :-p

image imageimage

The scarf and boots are from Zara and the Jumper Topshop! I’m not a fan of small thin scarfs, I much prefer a big chunky wrap-round scarf that you can snuggle into and Zara have these in abundance, a bargain really too at £20! The Jumper is £38 from Topshop and a great staple piece that you can wear with just about anything! The boots are £70 I think, I’m in desperate need of some low heeled black boots and these are perfect! Definitely got my eyes on these for pay day 🙂

Hope you liked tonight’s post 🙂