30 Days of Style: Day 16

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From the moment I got up this morning, I was looking forward to getting back into my cosy bed. Yawnnnn!!

Todays outfit is another Skort, I find these really easy to wear, much less effort that a skirt, I like that a skort gives something just a bit extra to a plain pair of shorts. I have my eye on a few other Skorts at the moment from Topshop:

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My skort is a peachy/Orange from Tooshop this summer, it’s a bit short to wear with no tights to be honest so think I would only wear this in winter….nobody needs to be put through my bum cheeks hanging out of my shorts haha! My shirts is my Zara staple, if these was one item I couldn’t live without in my wardrobe, this is it. Hands down.

Hope you enjoyed….back to the Christmas wrapping haha!!




30 Days of Style: Day 15

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Half way there, wahoooo!!! Today was my day off, I had allocated the day to try finish my Christmas shopping…I still need a few more bits haha! It’s never ending. I forgot to take my pictures this morning as my Sister popped round early doors and then we went straight out, by the time I was home my phone had died, so apologies for the poor quality I-Pad pictures.

Todays outfit is no different to others haha, nothing crazy or eye-catching. I wore my Topshop ripped skinnies. An old Topshop blouse, my River Island leather jacket and hugeeeee Zara scarf as if was extra cold today. Even Jack Frost had been to pay a visit this morning.

I wear a few of these items a lot so I have linked them below if you wanted some better pictures 🙂

http://www.riverisland.com/women/coats–jackets/biker-jackets/Black-leather-biker-jacket-659451  Not eact but similar



Hope you enjoyed X

30 Days if Style: Day 13

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Ok….looking back on this outfit. Awful. I look like Wenda Wally, definitely not my finest hour haha! Hey ho, you live and learn.

The Jeans are my faithful Leigh’s, my Wana Wally top is from Zara, maybe it would lok better tucked into a skater skirt….anything but with these jeans haha! My coat is as mentioned before from Zara.


See you tomorrow 🙂




30 Days of Style: Day 8

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Day 8, I feel like I have been posting these forever haha!

This morning was an early one, hence the hair thrown up haha, well that and it was hair wash day. It’s been soooo cold outside recently, I’m always sat at my desk shivering so decided to dig out a winter warmer today. This jumper is a ribbed knit, quite thick and the perfect fit; not too snug or too loose. Jumpers can often drown me as I’m only short, or can make me look quite…..butch haha, that might be mind over matter but there’s something about jumpers I find a bit frumpy haha! That been said I really like this one, I got it last year from Primark, I think by memory it was about £15ish! Bargain!

My skirt is from Topshop (surprise, surprise) I love the colours in this, it looks lovely in summer with a cami tucked in, but for now it’s doing me just fine with black tights 🙂

My boots are my old faithful cut outs from River Island, I will be sad when I have to say goodbye to these, they are the comfiest, easiest thing to wear with any outfit but I think they have probably seen better days now to be honest.

We went to see The Hunger Games this evening, I wasn’t overly impressed to be honest, I found it dragged quite a bit and took a while to get going, have you been to see it?




30 Days of Style: Day 7

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The more I upload these posts, the more I realise what a limited shopper I am haha! My clothes are always predictably from Topshop, Zara or River Island, maybe it’s time to spread my shopping wings….

Inevitably my outfit today is as above, Topshop Joni Jeans, in petite! Perfect figure hugging jeans, they sit just nicely above my ankle too 🙂 I think the shade I bought have sold out, but I found some similar below.


My Peter Pan style blouse is from Zara in the summer sale. I love the fit of this blouse, a lot of collars are too restrictive on me, I don’t like them tight around my neck, and this is perfect, I think I actually bought the wrong size but I much prefer a loose fitting top so win win for me 🙂 It also had a built in necklace, 3 dainty gold chains which adds a little something different to an otherwise plain Jane blouse.

Finally, I teamed my outfit with my Zara heeled boots, which I’ve posted in previous blogs. I found the link below for anyone who wants a better look.


Hope you enjoyed 🙂


30 Days of Style: Day 6

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It it was a chilly one this morning….had to dig out my winter coat as my leather jacket isnt cutting it recently! My coat is from Zara last winter, I haven’t managed to find one I like yet this year boooo 😦 I really need one with a hood as im forever losing umbrellas so end up looking like a drowned rat! Not the best of looks haha!

This coat is really heavy and warm, made extra snuggly with the faux fur collar. My skirt is from Topshop….kinda feels like something from clueless haha! I literature have a million and one of these Lycra tops. I buy mine from Primark and restock every winter, I buy them in black and white, they literally go with everything! I love a simple, plain top!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂 See you tomorrow


30 Days of Style: Day 5

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Today’s outfit needed to be shopping centre appropriate, no scarf or jacket today as I knew I was only going to be indoors and would end up carrying them. My floral wrap-a-round skirt is from Zara in the summer, it’s one of those tube style type skirts so quite form fitting, I like that because it means it doesn’t end up back to front and twisting like a lot of A-Line skirts do in me. My denim shirt is from Topshop….about 4 years ago now haha! To say I’m a shirt lover, this shirt often gets neglected, I think it’s because it’s kinda rigid anddddd I could never do double denim, so struggle to find something to wear with it. That’s pretty much the be all and end all of my outfit today.

I got my first Christmas edition drink today. Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate from Costa, accompanied with a Salted Caramel Yule log! Ahhhmazing!!! We were at the Trafford Centre in Manchester doing a spot of Christmas Shopping, I love it when they bring all the decorations out, it looks so festive. I had a nosy in John Lewis too at their Christmas Decorations as I had seen http://www.xameliax.com ‘s   recent video, the Christmas Decorations were adorable! I could have spent a small fortune haha, especially on their snow globes 🙂

Hope you enjoyed